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Second Capitalization List

Here are names of people, places, and things to capitalize.

Organizations (Girl Scouts of America, American Bar Association)
Parishes (Vernon Parish, Terrebonne Parish)
Parks (Yellowstone National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park)
Periodicals (Time, Newsweek)
Planets (Saturn, Mercury)
Plays (Death of a Salesman, The Master Builder)
Poems (‘‘Boy Wandering in Simms’ Valley,’’ ‘‘Richard Cory’’)
Product names (Hostess Twinkies®, Evian® water)
Races (Caucasian, Indian)
Regions (Southeast, Northwest)
Religions and their followers (Catholicism, Protestants)
Religious celebrations (Easter, Rosh Hashanah)
Roads (Lincoln Highway, US 1)
Sacred writings (Talmud, Koran)
School subjects (capitalize only languages and courses that have a number or letter after
them) (English, Math A, Biology 101)
Ships (U.S.S. Constitution, Monitor)
Short stories (‘‘The Ransom of Red Chief,’’ ‘‘Luck’’)
Spacecraft (Mir, Sputnik)
Special events (Mother’s Day, Oklahoma State Fair)
Stars (Pollux, Castor)
States (South Carolina, Texas)
Streets (Winters Avenue, Mansfield Drive)
Teams (San Diego Chargers, Boston Red Sox)
Television and radio programs (Week in Review, Car Talk)
Titles of people’s names (Dr. Landerson, Mrs. Pennington)
Towns (Clinton, Canton)
Townships (Daggett Township, Duplain Township)
Trains (Golden Gate, Tulsan)
Video games (Chain Reaction, Crossword Puzzler)
Videos (The History of Independence Day, Golfing)
Works of art (Piet`a, American Gothic)

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Practical English Grammar - Notes
1. compound subjects part two
Show Notes
2. Quotation Marks Part Three
Show Notes
3. Italics Hyphens and Brackets
Show Notes
4. the object of the preposition
Show Notes
5. the participle and participial phrase
Show Notes
6. what good writers do
Show Notes
7. complete and simple predicates
Show Notes
8. the noun clause
Show Notes
9. compound subject and compound predicate
Show Notes
10. the direct object
Show Notes
11. the verb phrase
Show Notes
12. the pronoun
Show Notes
13. the adverb
Show Notes
14. The nominative case
Show Notes
15. The possessive case
Show Notes
16. the gerund and gerund phrase
Show Notes
17. the adjective clause
Show Notes
18. the interjection
Show Notes
19. introducing phrases
Show Notes
20. the adjective
Show Notes
21. introducing clauses
Show Notes
22. Confusing usage words part three
Show Notes
23. Second Capitalization List
Show Notes
24. types of sentences by purpose
Show Notes
25. subject complements predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives
Show Notes
26. types of nouns
Show Notes
27. the noun adjective pronoun question
Show Notes
28. Confusing usage words part one
Show Notes
29. Confusing usage words part six
Show Notes
30. More subject verb agreement situations
Show Notes
31. the preposition
Show Notes
32. The coordinating conjunction
Show Notes
33. the correlative conjunction
Show Notes
34. the adverb phrase
Show Notes
35. Indefinite pronouns and the possessive case
Show Notes
36. Parentheses Ellipsis Marks and Dashes
Show Notes
37. the indirect object
Show Notes
38. the adjective phrase
Show Notes
39. the verb
Show Notes
40. sentences fragments and run on sentences
Show Notes
41. the adverb clause
Show Notes
42. Confusing usage words part eight
Show Notes
43. Active and passive voices
Show Notes
44. Sound a like words Part Two
Show Notes
45. Commas Part Two
Show Notes
46. complete and simple subjects
Show Notes
47. the noun
Show Notes
48. personal pronouns
Show Notes
49. irregular verbs part two
Show Notes
50. the appositive
Show Notes
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