The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China


Explain any four features of the colonial  economy of Vietnam. [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008]
Describe any three steps taken by the  French in Vietnam for building colonial economy.    [CBSE March 2012]


(i) The colonial economy in Vietnam was  primarily based on rice cultivation and rubber  plantation owned by the French and a small  Vietnamese elites.
(ii) Rail and port facilities were set up to serve this sector.
(iii) Indentured Vietnamese labour was widely used in the rubber plantation.
(iv) Agriculture production was very low. There was extensive indebtness among the peasants.


The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Q 1.

Give a brief note on the Napoleonic code.

Q 2.

According to Ernst Renan what are the attributes of a nation?

Q 3.

The battle against the French colonial education became a part of the larger battle against colonialism and for the independence'. Explain.
The schools became an important place for political and cultural battles in Vietnam against French colonialism. Support the statement with examples.

Q 4.

Under what circumstances did the US enter the Vietnam war ? Explain.

Q 5.

What was Hoa Hao Movement ?

Q 6.

Who was Bao Dai ?

Q 7.

What was the result of Geneva peace negotiation which took place after the defeat of the French forces in Vietnam ?

Q 8.

When did the conflict with the US end in Vietnam and how ?

Q 9.

Describe the ideas behind the Tonkin Free School. To what extent was it a typical example of colonial ideas in Vietnam ?  [CBSE 2009 (F), 2013 (O)]

Q 10.

How has Vietnam become the third largest exporter of rice in the world during French colonialisation ? Explain four causes. [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008]

Q 11.

How did the long war between the US and Vietnam come to an end ? Describe.  [CBSE 2012]

Q 12.

Write a note on Count Camillo de Cavour.

Q 13.

US entry into the war marked a new phase that proved costly to the Vietnamese as well as to the Americans.” Explain.                       [CBSE 2014]

Q 14.

What were the highlights of the Treaty of Vienna 1815?

Q 15.

How was nation visualized by artists?

Q 16.

Who was Paul Bernard ? What were his views regarding the development of colonies ?
Describe the views of Paul Bernard on the question of development of the colonies. Mention any three barriers to which were a hurdle in improving the economy of Vietnam.           [CBSE 2011]
How did Paul Bernard argue in favour of economic development of Vietnam ? Explain.     [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 17.

There were two broad opinions on the new education policy introduced by the French in Vietnam'. Discuss.  [CBSE March 2011]
Explain the two opinions on the question  of the use of the French language as the medium of instruction in the French i  schools established for  the Vietnamese  in Vietnam. [CBSE 2010 (D)]
Why did some French policy makers in  Vietnam emphasis the need to use the French language as  the medium of    instruction ?   [CBSE 2015]

Q 18.

What was rat hunt ? How was it contradictory to the civilising mission of the French ?

Q 19.

What was Scholar's Revolt ? Explain.  [CBSE 2015 (D)]

Q 20.

State the contribution of Ho Chi Minh In the Freedom movement of Vietnam.  CBSE March 2012, 2013 (D)]
Who was Ho Chi Minh ? State his contribution in the freedom movement of Vietnam.             [CBSE 2012]
Explain any four contributions of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam’s struggle for Independence.
How could you relate Communist  Movement with ‘Vietnamese Nationalism’?  Explain in four points.[CBSE 2012]
Relate communist movement with  ‘Vietnamese Nationalism’ and explain.

Q 21.

What was the main motive of the French to develop the Infrastructural projects in Vietnam ? Explain how far did they succeed in their mission.  [CBSE 2010 (D), March 2011]

Q 22.

How did students in Vietnam fight against the colonial government's efforts to prevent Vietnamese from qualifying for white collar jobs' ? Explain.  [CBSE 2014(0)]

Q 23.

When was French Indo – China established ?       [CBSE 2011 ]

Q 24.

How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam ?   [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 25.

Mention the main base of colonial economy of Vietnam. [CBSE 2008 (D)]

Q 26.

What were the major barriers to economic growth in Vietnam according to Bernard ?

Q 27.

Why did education become a dilemma for the French Colonisers ? Give two reasons.

Q 28.

Why was the Tonkin Free School started in 1907 ?

Q 29.

Name any one party formed by the students of Vietnam to fight against the colonial government ?

Q 30.

Why most of the Vietnamese intellectuals were against the introduction of French curriculam in the schools ?

Q 31.

When was Scholars Revolt started ?

Q 32.

Why was the Scholars Revolt launched ?

Q 33.

Who was the founder of Hoa Hao movement ?

Q 34.

What was the development in China- which took place in 1911 and inspired the Vietnamese nationalists ?

Q 35.

Who was the founder of Vietnamese Communist Party? Under what circumstances was the Party formed ?

Q 36.

What was ordinance 10 ?

Q 37.

Name any two films which were produced in USA on Vietnam War.

Q 38.

Who was Trieu Au ?

Q 39.

Education was used as a mode by the French to strengthen their rule in Vietnam whereas it was used as a weapon by the Vietnamese to fight against the colonalism'. Explain.
How did the French seek to strengthen their rule in Vietnam through the control of education ?   [CBSE 2014]

Q 40.

Write a note on
(a) What was meant by the ‘civilizing mission' of the colonisers ?
(b) Huynh Phu So.

Q 41.

How did the textbooks represent Vietnamese during the period of French colonization ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]

Q 42.

Write a note on Frankfurt parliament.

Q 43.

What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

Q 44.

Briefly trace the process of German unification.

Q 45.

Explain what is meant by the 1848 revolution of the liberals. What were the political, social and economic ideas supported by the liberals?

Q 46.

Who was Phan Chu Trinh ? How did he help in the modernisation of Vietnam ?  [CBSE March 2011]
Explain any four ideas of Phan Chu Trinh. [CBSE March 2011, 2012, 2013(D), 2014(F)]
Explain the features of the ideology of Phan Chu Trinh. [CBSE March 2011]
Explain the ideas of Phan Chu Trinh to establish a democratic republic in Viet ­nam.                   [CBSE 2014]

Q 47.

Explain the causes of the US involvement in the war in Vietnam. What effect did this involvement have on life within US itself ?  [CBSE March 2011 ]
“The war grew out of a fear among US policy planners that the victory of the Ho Chi Minh Government would start a domino effect.” Support the statement explaining three reasons. [CBSE 2012]

Q 48.

(i) Why did the U.S. government decide to intervene in the Civil War in Vietnam  ?
(ii) What were its effects on the people of Vietnam ? [CBSE March 2012]
The phase of struggle between 1965-1972 with US was called brutal of Vietnamese. Explain the reasons. [CBSE 2014]

Q 49.

How was Vietnam unified ? Explain.  [CBSE 2012]

Q 50.

Describe the French Revolution.