The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China


Who was the founder of Revolutionary Society ?


Phan Boi Chau.


The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Q 1.

Who was Huynh Phu so ?

Q 2.

Who launched the Scholars Revolt ?  CBSE 2014]

Q 3.

What was the development in China- which took place in 1911 and inspired the Vietnamese nationalists ?

Q 4.

Who was the founder of Vietnamese Communist Party? Under what circumstances was the Party formed ?

Q 5.

What was Viet Minh ?

Q 6.

Who was Bao Dai ?

Q 7.

Describe the rise of imperialism.

Q 8.

What was the impact of the Great Depression of 1929 on Vietnam ?

Q 9.

When did the conflict with the US end in Vietnam and how ?

Q 10.

How was the idea of “looking modem” implemented in Tonkin Free School ? Explain.                     [CBSE 2012]

Q 11.

Explain the reasons for the French Colonisers to scrap the bounty programme for rat hunting in 1902-03. [CBSE 2014]
What was the purpose to start ‘Rat Hunt’ programme by the French in Vietnam in 1902 ? How the purpose got defeated ?[CBSE 2012]
Describe the ‘Rat Hunt’ activity introduced by the French in Vietnam. [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 12.

Briefly trace the process of German unification.

Q 13.

How was the history of nationalism in Britain unlike the rest of Europe?

Q 14.

According to Ernst Renan what are the attributes of a nation.

Q 15.

The French thought colonialisation necessary'. Give reasons.
Why did the French think that colonies were necessary ? Explain. [CBSE 2012]

Q 16.

There were two broad opinions on the new education policy introduced by the French in Vietnam'. Discuss.  [CBSE March 2011]
Explain the two opinions on the question  of the use of the French language as the medium of instruction in the French i  schools established for  the Vietnamese  in Vietnam. [CBSE 2010 (D)]
Why did some French policy makers in  Vietnam emphasis the need to use the French language as  the medium of    instruction ?   [CBSE 2015]

Q 17.

Under what circumstances did the US enter the Vietnam war ? Explain.

Q 18.

How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam ?   [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 19.

Why was the Scholars Revolt launched ?

Q 20.

What was the theme of the book, The History of the loss of Vietnam ?'  [CBSE 2014]

Q 21.

Name the Vietnamian nationalist who wanted to establish a Democratic Republic in Vietnam ?

Q 22.

Who was Sun Yat Sen ?

Q 23.

What was ordinance 10 ?

Q 24.

Why was conflict started in Vietnam against French colonizers in all areas of life ? Explain.                     [CBSE 2010 (D)]
‘The French discriminated the Vietnamese in all areas of life.' Explain.

Q 25.

Write a note on
(a) What was meant by the ‘civilizing mission' of the colonisers ?
(b) Huynh Phu So.

Q 26.

Explain any three steps taken by the French to achieve their aim to exploit the !   natural resources of Vietnam.  [CBSE 2009 (F), March 2011]

Q 27.

Explain what is meant by the 1848 revolution of the liberals. What were the political, social and economic ideas supported by the liberals?

Q 28.

Why was a new education policy  introduced by the French in Vietnam ?  What were the limitations or drawbacks  of the new education policy  introduced by the French in Vietnam ?[CBSE March 2011, 2015 (D)]

Q 29.

Under what circumstances Vietnam was divided into the north and south Vietnam ?
Explain any four major challenges faced by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  [CBSE 2008, 2009(0), March 2012]

Q 30.

What were the reforms made by Napoleon?

Q 31.

What led to the spread of conservatism in Europe and what were its impacts?

Q 32.

What were the major features of the new schools of Western learning introduced in Vietnam by the French ?
Explain four features of the education being given in the Tonkin Free Schools which was started to provide the western style of education in Vietnam.  [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]

Q 33.

Explain the impact of Vietnam War on Vietnam.

Q 34.

Mention the main base of colonial economy of Vietnam. [CBSE 2008 (D)]

Q 35.

Mention any two proposals suggested by Bernard to improve the economic condition of Vietnam.

Q 36.

What was Hoa Hao Movement ?

Q 37.

Name any one party formed by the students of Vietnam to fight against the colonial government ?

Q 38.

Why most of the Vietnamese intellectuals were against the introduction of French curriculam in the schools ?

Q 39.

Name any two religions practiced in Vietnam.

Q 40.

What were the opinions of intellectuals regarding the modernisation of Vietnamese ?

Q 41.

Who was the author of The History of the Loss of Vietnam ?'

Q 42.

What was the result of Geneva peace negotiation which took place after the defeat of the French forces in Vietnam ?

Q 43.

‘The measures taken by the French to control the spread of bubonic plague in Hanoi created a serious problem.” Explain the statement.

Q 44.

How did the textbooks represent Vietnamese during the period of French colonization ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]

Q 45.

How has Vietnam become the third largest exporter of rice in the world during French colonialisation ? Explain four causes. [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008]

Q 46.

Write a note on Frankfurt parliament.

Q 47.

What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

Q 48.

Why did nationalist tensions emerge in the Balkans?

Q 49.

Who was Huynh Phu So ? Explain his role in arousing the anti-imperialist sentiments.

Q 50.

Describe the French Revolution.