The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China


Who was Paul Bernard ? What were his views regarding the development of colonies ?
Describe the views of Paul Bernard on the question of development of the colonies. Mention any three barriers to which were a hurdle in improving the economy of Vietnam.           [CBSE 2011]
How did Paul Bernard argue in favour of economic development of Vietnam ? Explain.     [CBSE 2015 (O)]


Paul Bernard was an influential writer and policy maker who suggested a model to develop the French colonies.
(i) Believer of development of colonies :
He strongly believed that economic development of the colony was the only method which could help in serving the interests of the mother country.
(ii) Economic circle : He argued that the purpose of acquiring colonies was to make profits. If the economy was developed and people had high per capita income, this would increase their purchasing power, and they would buy more goods. The market would consequently expand, leading to better profits for the French business.
According to Bernard there were following barriers :
(i) High Population levels.
(ii) Low agricultural productivity.
(iii) Extensive indebtedness amongst the peasants.


The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Q 1.

What were the major barriers to economic growth in Vietnam according to Bernard ?

Q 2.

What was ‘Go East Movement'?  [CBSE 2008 (D), March 2011]

Q 3.

When did the conflict with the US end in Vietnam and how ?

Q 4.

What was Phan Chu Trinh's objective for Vietnam ? How were his ideas different from those of Phan Boi Chau ?  [CBSE March 2011]

Q 5.

The US media and films played a major role in both supporting as well as criti ­cising the Vietnam war/ Explain.

Q 6.

Explain the role of women in the anti ­imperial struggle in Vietnam.
[CBSE March 2011]
Evaluate the role of Vietnamese women during 1960s war period and after the war in peace time.  [CBSE 2008, 2010 (F) 2014 (D) Compt.]
Who wrote the play based on the lives of Trung sisters ? What was depicted in the play ? [CBSE 2014]

Q 7.

How was Vietnam unified ? Explain.  [CBSE 2012]

Q 8.

Give two examples to show that in the 18th century Europe there were no nation states.

Q 9.

Explain the reasons for the popularity of ‘Go East Movement. [CBSE March 2011]

Q 10.

Who was Huynh Phu so ?

Q 11.

Write a note on The Greek war of independence.

Q 12.

What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

Q 13.

Under what circumstances Vietnam was divided into the north and south Vietnam ?
Explain any four major challenges faced by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  [CBSE 2008, 2009(0), March 2012]

Q 14.

US entry into the war marked a new phase that proved costly to the Vietnamese as well as to the Americans.” Explain.                       [CBSE 2014]

Q 15.

Why some policy makers of France to  emphasised the need to use the French language as a medium of instruction in Vietnam ?

Q 16.

What was the development in China- which took place in 1911 and inspired the Vietnamese nationalists ?

Q 17.

‘The measures taken by the French to control the spread of bubonic plague in Hanoi created a serious problem.” Explain the statement.

Q 18.

What led to the spread of conservatism in Europe and what were its impacts?

Q 19.

What was the cause of Silesian weavers uprising? Comment on the viewpoint of the journalist.

Q 20.

How was French Indo-China formed ?  [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]

Q 21.

When were the Tonkin Free Schools established ? [CBSE 2011]

Q 22.

Why was the Tonkin Free School started in 1907 ?

Q 23.

Who was the founder of Vietnamese Communist Party? Under what circumstances was the Party formed ?

Q 24.

What were the values which played an important role in the victory of Vietnamese over the mighty USA ?

Q 25.

How was nation visualized by artists?

Q 26.

What were the major features of the new schools of Western learning introduced in Vietnam by the French ?
Explain four features of the education being given in the Tonkin Free Schools which was started to provide the western style of education in Vietnam.  [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]

Q 27.

Name any one party formed by the students of Vietnam to fight against the colonial government ?

Q 28.

Who was the founder of Revolutionary Society ?

Q 29.

What was ordinance 10 ?

Q 30.

What is the meaning of concentration camps ?                     [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 31.

Explain the following –
(a) Only one-third of the students in Vietnam would pass the school-leaving examinations.
(b) The French began building canals and draining lands in the Mekong delta.
(c) The government made the Saigon Native Girls School take back the students it had expelled.  [CBSE 2014(D)]
Why did a major protest erupt in 1926 in the Saigon Native Girls School in Vietnam ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]
Describe the incident that took place in 1926 in Saigon Native Girls School.
[CBSE 2014]
(d) Rats were most common in the modern, newly built areas of Hanoi.

Q 32.

Who was Huynh Phu So ? Explain his role in arousing the anti-imperialist sentiments.

Q 33.

Who was Phan Boi Chau ? Explain his role in arousing anti-imperialist sentiments.

Q 34.

What was the role of religious groups in the development of the anti-colonial feeling in Vietnam? [CBSE March 2011]

Q 35.

Early Vietnamese nationalists had close relationship with Japan and China'. ^ Explain by giving examples.[CBSE 2013 (D)]
Describe any five features of the Go East Movement'.

Q 36.

Describe the French Revolution.

Q 37.

What did Liberal Nationalism Stand for?

Q 38.

Explain the impact of Vietnam War on Vietnam.

Q 39.

What is the Ho Chi Minh trail? Describe  any three points of its importance.  [CBSE Comp. (D) 2008, March 2011]

Q 40.

Mention any two steps which were taken by the French government to improve transportation in Vietnam.

Q 41.

How was the maritime silk route useful for Vietnam ?   [CBSE 2015 (O)]

Q 42.

Why most of the Vietnamese intellectuals were against the introduction of French curriculam in the schools ?

Q 43.

Who launched the Scholars Revolt ?  CBSE 2014]

Q 44.

What were the opinions of intellectuals regarding the modernisation of Vietnamese ?

Q 45.

What was the theme of the book, The History of the loss of Vietnam ?'  [CBSE 2014]

Q 46.

What was Viet Minh ?

Q 47.

What was the ‘civilizing mission' of the colonisers ? Mention any two steps taken by the French under this. What was the real motive behind this mission ?

Q 48.

Write a note on
(a) What was meant by the ‘civilizing mission' of the colonisers ?
(b) Huynh Phu So.

Q 49.

How did the textbooks represent Vietnamese during the period of French colonization ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]

Q 50.

How was the idea of “looking modem” implemented in Tonkin Free School ? Explain.                     [CBSE 2012]