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Vital Villages, Thriving Towns

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  • Pink Lakes of the World

    Koyashskoe Lake Ukraine2

    The beauty of nature is breathtaking ... Unusual and bright ... Fantastic may be? No its real! One of the few natural and true paradises of Ukraine where the banks are white and water has shades of pink Koyashskoe lake in Kerch (Crimea). A truly impressive landscape painted by the hand of nature!

    Koyashskoe lake belongs to the group of salt lakes and is located on the territory of Opuksniy nature reserve. Not the largest (3.7 km long and 2 km wide) but the most unusual it is. It s striking but the depth of the lake is no more than one meter. Why does water have pink shade? The fact is that a lot of red crustaceans 10 20 mm long live in the lake which give pink color to the water. The bottom of the lake is covered with therapeutic mud sulphide silt supply with reserves estimated at 1.7 million cubic meters. Absolutely magical and unforgettable impression!

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