Novels, Society and History


Which was the first modern novel in Nalayalam ? [CBSE 2014]




Novels, Society and History

Q 1.

Who wrote Anandmath ? [CBSE 2014]

Q 2.

"Social changes in Britain led to an increase in women readers". Explain.
Explain the factors that led to women writing novels in Europe. [CBSE 2012]

Q 3.

In what ways was the novel In colonial India useful for both the colonisers as well as the nationalists?

Q 4.

Describe the reasons of the popularity of novels among the women. [CBSE 2013, 2014]

Q 5.

Mention any three features of Pickwick Papers.

Q 6.

What were the issues raised by the novel Indulekha written in Malayalam ? [CBSE Sept. 2010]
What led Chandu Menon to write Indulekha ? [CBSE Sept. 2011,2014]

Q 7.

What is a novel ?

Q 8.

Who was the author of Mayor of Casterbridge ?

Q 9.

Name any two novels written by Munshi Premchand. [CBSE 2014]

Q 10.

The novel is an epic of the Indian peasantry and tells the moving story of Hori and his wife, Dhania. Identify the novel. [CBSE. Sept. 2011]

Q 11.

Which of the following novel was written by Potheri Kunjambu and deals with the caste oppression ? [CBSE. Sept. 2011,12]

Q 12.

Discuss some of the social changes in the nineteenth century Britain which Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens wrote about.

Q 13.

Summarise the concern in both nineteenth- century Europe and India about women reading novels. What does this suggest about how women were viewed ?

Q 14.

Write a note on:
a) The Oriya novel
b) Jane Austen's portrayal of women
c) The picture of the new middle class which the novel Pariksha-Guru portrays.

Q 15.

"Novels were useful to different sectors of the society."Support your answer with suitable examples.
Highlight any three contributions of novel to modern society. [CBSE 2014]

Q 16.

Describe the earliest novels written in Bengali and Marathi. [CBSE 2013]

Q 17.

How did Charles Dickens focus on the life of the industrial workers and the terrible conditions of urban life in his novels ? Explain with examples. [CBSE 2008 (O)]
Explain the themes and issues of the . novels of Charles Dickens with examples. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
Elaborate upon the contribution of Charles Dickens in the field of novel writing.  [CBSE-2012]
Novels of Charles Dickens deal with which changes of the 19th century Britain ? Mention any three such changes. [CBSE-2013]
Which type of problems were highlighted by the novelist, Charles Dickens through his novel? Explain from any of his two novels. [CBSE-2013]
Explain any three aspects highlighted by Charles Dickens in his novel "Hard Times". [CBSE-2012]

Q 18.

Who was Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer? Mention some features of his writing. [CBSE Sept. 2012]

Q 19.

Who is the writer of the novel Germinal ? What was the theme of the novel ?

Q 20.

Who was the author of Pickwick Papers which was serialised in 1836 ? [CBSE 2014]

Q 21.

Name some important novelists who use to write for the young generation.
Name some of the important novels for the young. [CBSE 2014]

Q 22.

Name the novelist who showed the darker ‘ side of colonial occupation.

Q 23.

Who were the author's of the following  novels  ?

Q 24.

Who is known as the pioneer of modem Hindi literature ?

Q 25.

Who was the author of Pariksha Guru ?

Q 26.

Name any two novelists of South India. Also mention the names of the novels written by them.

Q 27.

Name a novelist who wrote for lower- castes.

Q 28.

Name a novel which is about a secret Hindu militia that fights Muslims to establish a Hindu Kingdom. It was a novel that inspired many kinds of freedom fighters. ‘

Q 29.

Which was the first proper modem novel in Hindi ? What was its theme ?

Q 30.

What is satire ? Give one example. [CBSE 2014]

Q 31.

Explain the following:
a) Social changes in Britain which led to an increase in women readers
b) What actions of Robinson Crusoe make us see him as a typical coloniser.
c) After 1740, the readership of novels began to include poorer people.
d) Novelists in colonial India wrote for a political cause.

Q 32.

Summarise the concern in both nineteenth-century Europe and India about women reading novels. What does this suggest about how women were viewed?

Q 33.

Describe how the issue of caste was included in novels in India. By referring to any two novels, discuss the ways in which they tried to make readers think about existing social issues.

Q 34.

What was the reason for the popularity of the novel?

Q 35.

What is meant by vernacular as a language?

Q 36.

How was the involvement of women, the most important event of the novel in the 18th century ? [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]
How did novels explore and depict the world of women ? Explain it by giving examples. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
How was the New Women' portrayed in the novels of the 18th century? Explain [CBSE 2013]

Q 37.

How were the stories and prose not new to India ? Give three examples. [CBSE Comp. (O) 2008]

Q 38.

How did novel become a popular medium of entertainment among the middle class in India? Explain. [CBSE 2012]

Q 39.

Novels had explained and focussed on the terrible conditions of urban life under industrial capitalism. Justify.

Q 40.

Write about some of the important characteristics of the Hindi novels. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
How did the Hindi novels reflect the true picture of the Indian society of the 19th century ?
Explain the teachings given by Srinivas Das in his novel ‘Pariksha Guru'. [CBSE 2010 (F), 2014]
In what ways did novels help to give the people a vision of being ideal characters without losing one's identity ? Explain.  [CBSE 2012]

Q 41.

"Premchand's novels are filled with all kinds of powerful characters drawn from all levels of the society."Support the statement by giving suitable examples. [CBSE 2009 (D), Sept. 2012]
Why is Godan considered an epic on Indian peasantry ? Explain. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
Briefly explain the theme of the novel ˜Godan' written by Munshi Premchand. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
Drawn from various strata of society, Prem Chand's characters create a community based on democratic value(s), substantiate the above statement with examples from any of his novels. [CBSE Sept. 2011]

Q 42.

Explain the themes and issues of the novels of Thomas Hardy. [CBSE 2011]

Q 43.

"The novels bring together many cultures". Explain. [CBSE 2010, 11]
How did the novels bring together different cultures ?

Q 44.

Why did the readership of novel begin to include poorer people? Give any three reasons. [CBSE 2013]
"For a long time the publishing market excluded the poor."Give reasons for such an exclusion. [CBSE 2015]

Q 45.

Mention some important characteristics of novels which increased their popularity among the readers.

Q 46.

Explain the contribution of Devaki Nandan Khatri in Hindi novels. [CBSE 2014]
Name the first Hindi modem novel which became a best seller. Who was its writer ? Why was it so popular ? [CBSE Sept. 2010]

Q 47.

Name a novelist who has written about terrible effects of industrialisation on people's lives and character.

Q 48.

Name any two most important novels written by Charles Dickens. What was the theme of the novels ?

Q 49.

Which novel supplied the adventurous text for the young English population ? [CBSE 2014]

Q 50.

What was the theme of the novel Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte?