Class 6 - Geography

Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes

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    Racing driver

    Racing drivers at the highest levels are usually paid by the team, or by sponsors, and can command very substantial salaries.
    Contrary to what may be popularly assumed, racing drivers as a group do not have unusually good reflexes. During countless physiological evaluations of professional racing drivers, the two characteristics that stand out are racers near obsessive need to control their surroundings, and an unusual ability to process fast moving information (physiological). In this, researchers have noted a strong correlation between racers psychological profiles and those of fighter pilots. In tests comparing racers to members of the general public, the greater the complexity of the information processing matrix, the greater the speed gap between racers and the public. Due partly to the performance capabilities of modern racing cars, racing drivers require a high level of fitness, focus and the ability to concentrate at high levels for long periods in an inherently difficult environment.

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