biology - diversity in living organisms

Class 9 - Biology

Diversity in Living Organisms


Pteridophytes vs Phanerograms

  Pteridophytes Phanerograms
1. Have inconspicuous reproductive organs. Well differentiated reproductive parts.
2.  Produce naked embryos called spores.  Produce seeds.
3.  Simple Vascular System  Highly differentiated vascular system
4.  Examples: Marsilea, Adiantum etc.  Examples: Pine, Cycas, Deodar, Sunflower, Maize etc.

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Diversity in Living Organisms - Notes
1. Primitive vs Advanced Organisms
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2. Thallophytes vs Pteridophytes
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3. Gymnosperms vs Angiosperm
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4. Nematoda vs Annelids
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5. Five Kingdoms
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6. Monocots vs Dicots
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7. Poriferans vs Coelentrates
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8. Annelids vs Arthopods
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9. Five classes of vertebrates
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10. Pteridophytes vs Phanerograms
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