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We hear Sound through Our Ears

The shape of the outer part of the ear is like a funnel. When sound enters in it, it travels down a canal at the end of which a thin membrane is stretched tightly. It is called the eardrum. It performs an important function. To understand what the eardrum does, let us build a tin can model of the eardrum.The eardrum is like a stretched rubber sheet. Sound vibrations make the eardrum vibrate. The eardrum sends vibrations to the inner ear. From there, the signal goes to the brain. That is how we hear.

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Sound - Notes
1. Audible and Inaudible Sounds
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2. Noise Pollution
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3. Sound is Produced by a Vibrating Body
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4. Noise and Music
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5. Sound Needs a Medium for Propagation
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6. We hear Sound through Our Ears
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7. Sound Produced by Humans
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