science - reproduction in animals

Class 8 - Science

Reproduction in Animals


Young Ones to Adults

The new individuals which are born or hatched from the eggs continue to grow till they become adults. In some animals, the young ones may look very different from the adults. Recall the life cycle of the silkworm (egg larva or caterpillar pupa adult) you studied in Class VII. Frog is another such example. Observe the different stages of frog starting from the egg to the adult stage.We find that there are three distinct stages, that is. egg > tadpole (larva) > adult. Don't the tadpoles look so different from the adults? Can you imagine that these tadpoles would some day become frogs? Similarly, the caterpillar or the pupa of silkworm looks very different from the adult moth. The features that are present In the adult are not found In these young ones. Then what happens to the tadpoles or caterpillars thereafter? You must have seen a beautiful moth emerging out of the cocoon. In the case of tadpoles, they transform into adults capable of jumping and swimming. The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic changes is called metamorphosis. What about the changes that we observe in our body as we grow? Do you think we too undergo metamorphosis? In human beings, body parts similar to those present in the adults are present from the time of the birth.

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Reproduction in Animals - Notes
1. Fertilization
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2. Female Reproductive Organs
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3. Male Reproductive Organs
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4. Asexual Reproduction
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5. Sexual Reproduction
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6. Viviparous and Oviparous Animals
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7. Young Ones to Adults
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