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What makes Things Visible

Have you ever thought how we see the various objects? You may say that eyes see the objects. But. can you see an object in the dark? It means that eyes alone cannot see any object. It is only when light from an object enters our eyes that we see the object. The light may have been emitted by the object, or may have been reflected by it. You learnt In Class VII that a polished or a shiny surface can act as a mirror. A mirror changes the direction of light that falls on it. Can you tell in which direction the light falling on a surface will be reflected? Let us find out.

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Light - Notes
1. Care of Eyes
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2. Regular and Diffused Reflection
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3. What is a Braille System?
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4. What is inside Our Eyes?
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5. Laws of Reflection
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6. Multiple Images
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7. What makes Things Visible
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8. Reflected Light Can be Reflected Again
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