Class 6 - History

On the Trail of the Earliest People

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History - On the Trail of the Earliest People
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Multiple Choice Questions

  • Best Airlines in the World
  • Tips for Portfolio Photography
  • Worst Movies Ever
  • Camera Action
  • Top Wealthiest Pro Wrestlers of All Time
  • Eating Secrets to Help You Lose Weight

  • Simply Mocktails

    Mango Punch

    Serving for Two :
  • Alphonso Sweetened Mango Pulp
  • 1 liter Sprite
  • 1 liter Gingerale
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 Orange

    Place mango pulp in a punch bowl and pour equal amounts of sprite and gingerale until the bowl is full, and then add ice cream slowly. Cut the orange parallely and add on the punch. Let it settle down for couple of minutes and serve.

  • Chourishi Systems