Natural Vegetation and Wildlife


Mention any three features of the thorn forest trees.


① Trees in these forests are scattered and have long roots penetrating deep into the soil in order to get moisture. ② To minimize evaporation, the leaves of these trees are mostly thick and small. ③ The stems of these trees are succulent (fleshy leaves adapted) to conserve water.

Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Q 1.

Define biome.

Q 2.

Mention any three features of the thorn forest trees.

Q 3.

Discuss the importance of animals to humans.

Q 4.

Why is natural vegetation in large part of India no more natural?

Q 5.

What are the main causes for the major threat to the nature?

Q 6.

Name the different types of vegetation identified in India.

Q 7.

Mention any three features of the tropical evergreen forests.

Q 8.

Define ecosystem. Are humans part of the ecosystem?

Q 9.

List the number of biomes in which the land ecosystem is divided and also the basis for the grouping.

Q 10.

Compare and contrast between dry and moist deciduous forests.