Name the two Himalayan river systems.


Indus and the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna system



Q 1.

Which three rivers system forms the Himalayan river system?

Q 2.

What is special about Sivasamudram?

Q 3.

Give any three differences between peninsular and Himalayan rivers.

Q 4.

Name the two Himalayan river systems.

Q 5.

Name the four groups of river systems found in India?

Q 6.

Name the long rivers which flow west and form esturies.

Q 7.

How are the West flowing rivers different from the East flowing rivers of Peninsular Plateau? Give any three points of distinction.

Q 8.

Describe the three main features of river Brahmaputra.

Q 9.

Where does river Narmada originate? Name any two picturesque locations formed by it.

Q 10.

Describe the following drainage patterns of streams:
(i) Radial
(ii) Dendritic
(iii) Trellis (iv) Rectangular pattern