Force and Pressure


Taking out paste from a toothpaste tube.


We use our muscular force to take out paste from a toothpaste tube. The muscular force acts on the toothpaste tube. As a result the shape of the tube gets changed.

Force and Pressure

Q 1.

Give two examples each of situations in which you push or pull to change the state of motion of objects.

Q 2.

Name the forces acting on a plastic bucket containing water held above ground level in your hand. Discuss why the forces acting on the bucket do not bring a change in its state of motion.

Q 3.

Squeezing a piece of lemon between the fingers to extract its juice.

Q 4.

A load suspended from a spring while its other end is on a hook fixed to a wall.

Q 5.

Give two examples of situations in which applied force causes a change in the shape of an object.

Q 6.

An inflated balloon was pressed against a wall after it has been rubbed with a piece of synthetic cloth. It was found that the balloon sticks to the wall. What force might be esponsible for the attraction between the balloon and the wall?

Q 7.

A blacksmith hammers a hot piece of iron while making a tool. How does the force due to hammering affect the piece of iron?

Q 8.

A rocket has been fired upwards to launch a satellite in its orbit. Name the two forces acting on the rocket immediately after leaving the launching pad.

Q 9.

Taking out paste from a toothpaste tube.

Q 10.

An athlete making a high jump to clear the bar at a certain height.