Conservation of Plants and Animals


What will happen if we go on cutting trees.


If we go on cutting trees, the natural habitat of many animals will get completely destroyed. As a result the biodiversity of many areas will be severely affected. Also, there will be an increase in the temperature of the Earth as a result of global warming, which can disturb the natural water cycle. As a result there will be a change in the rainfall pattern. This could lead to floods or droughts. This will also increase the risk of soil erosion, desertification, and natural calamities.

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Q 1.

Effects of deforestation on villages:

Q 2.

Effects of deforestation on the Earth:

Q 3.

Effects of deforestation on cities:

Q 4.

Effects of deforestation on wild animals:

Q 5.

Effects of deforestation on the environment:

Q 6.

Differentiate between the Endangered and extinct species

Q 7.

Differentiate between the Flora and fauna

Q 8.

What are the causes and consequences of deforestation?

Q 9.

What is Red Data Book?

Q 10.

Why should we conserve biodiversity?

Q 11.

Differentiate between the Wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve.

Q 12.

Differentiate between the Zoo and wildlife sanctuary

Q 13.

What will happen if the habitat of an animal is disturbed.

Q 14.

Effects of deforestation on the next generation:

Q 15.

What will happen if we go on cutting trees.

Q 16.

Explain how deforestation leads to reduced rainfall.

Q 17.

What will happen if the top layer of soil is exposed.

Q 18.

What do you understand by the term migration?

Q 19.

Some tribals depend on the jungle. How?

Q 20.

Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals. Why?

Q 21.

How can you contribute to the maintenance of green wealth of your locality? Make a list of actions to be taken by you.

Q 22.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand in factories and for shelter, trees are being continually cut. Is it justified to cut trees for such projects? Discuss and prepare a brief report.

Q 23.

Why should paper be saved? Prepare a list of ways by which you can save paper.