What are marine based industries ?


Marine based industries use products from the sea and oceans as raw materials. Examples of Marine based industries are processing sea food or manufacturing fish oil.



Q 1.

Mention the major industrial regions of the world.

Q 2.

What are marine based industries ?

Q 3.

Write a short note on Mineral based industries.

Q 4.

What are the inputs, process and output of a textile industry?

Q 5.

What are the factors that helped Ahmedabad become a textile centre.

Q 6.

Industries can be classified on the bases of ownership, explain.

Q 7.

What are the stages involved in converting iron ore into steel?

Q 8.

Mention some of the risk reducing measures that have to be adopted by nuclear power industries.

Q 9.

Mention the industrial regions of India.

Q 10.

What are marine based industries ?

Q 11.

Write a note on the Chernobyl disaster.