Write a brief note on Tsunami.  


Tsunami is a Japanese word that means ‘harbour waves' as the harbours get destroyed whenever there is tsunami. An earthquake, a volcanic eruption or underwater landslides can shift large amounts of ocean water. As a result tsunami occurs which may be as high as 15 m. The tsunami of 2004 is still in our mind. It caused huge death and destruction in the coastal areas of India. The Indira point in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands got submerged after the tsunami.



Q 1.

How are tides caused?

Q 2.

How are high tides important?[V. Imp.]

Q 3.

Give reasons:
(a) Ocean water is salty.
(b) The quality of water is deteriorating.

Q 4.

What do you mean by salinity? [V. Imp.]

Q 5.

Why do swimmers float in Dead Sea?

Q 6.

What happened to the Indira point during the tsunami of 2004?

Q 7.

What is terrarium?

Q 8.

How are spring and neap tides formed.

Q 9.

Write a note on the importance of water. [V. Imp.]

Q 10.

Answer the following questions briefly.
(a) What is precipitation?
(b) What is water cycle?
(c) What are the factors affecting the height of the waves?
(d) Which factors affect the movement of ocean water?
(e) What are tides and how are they caused?
(f) What are ocean currents?

Q 11.

What happens during high Ode?        [Imp.]

Q 12.

Which type of water do the ocean bodies and the seas contain?

Q 13.

What is the average salinity of the oceans?

Q 14.

What is the significance of World Water Day?

Q 15.

Explain water cycle with a neat and labelled diagram.

Q 16.

Give an account of ocean currents. [Imp.]

Q 17.

What happens during low tide?

Q 18.

What is the salinity of Dead sea?

Q 19.

Name one warm curreht and one cold current.

Q 20.

Write a brief note on Tsunami.  

Q 21.

What is Tsunami? [V. Imp.]

Q 22.

How do we classify ocean movements? Explain. [V. Imp.]

Q 23.

What are waves? Write a short note on it

Q 24.

For Fun
Be a Detective
1. The name of one river is hidden in each of the sentences below. Spot it. Example: Mandira, Vijayalakshmi and Surinder are my best friends