Understanding Advertising


Mention one drawback of advertising.


It tends to promote a certain lack of respect for the poor.


Understanding Advertising

Q 1.

Observe the advertisements given below and answer the questions that follow:
(a) What does this advertisement want me to feel when I use this brand?
(b) Who is this advertisement talking to and who is leaving out?
(c) If you have money to buy these products, how would you feel when you see these advertisements? If you do not have money, then how would you feel?

Q 2.

Mention one drawback of advertising.

Q 3.

What do advertisements do?

Q 4.

How are brand values conveyed to us?

Q 5.

How do pi ople feel when they fail to afford certain brands?

Q 6.

What impressions does advertising create on us?

Q 7.

What do you mean by the word branding?

Q 8.

When products are advertised by cricket heroes and film stars, we feel tempted to buy them. Why?

Q 9.

Why do you think the manufacturer of the daal (pulses) gave his product a specific name?  [Imp.]

Q 10.

Advertisements aim to get people to buy a particular brand'. What does this really mean?

Q 11.

Why is the consumer confused? Or What makes the consumer confused?[V. Imp.]

Q 12.

Can you explain two ways in which you think advertising affects issues of equality in a democracy?

Q 13.

Do you think there is a problem in using the image of the mother as the only person who takes care of the child on the Care Soap, advertisement?

Q 14.

How are smaR businessmen affected in this age of advertisements?  [V. Imp.]

Q 15.

What do companies do in case there are two brands of a similar product?

Q 16.

Why do companies show the advertisements again and again?

Q 17.

Mention the drawbacks of advertising. [V. Imp.]

Q 18.

Under what pressure do companies show the advertisements again and again?

Q 19.

What do you mean by social advertisements?   [V. Imp.]

Q 20.

How is personal emotion being used in the Care Soap advertisement?  [Imp.]

Q 21.

What do the advertisers do to convince the consumer?

Q 22.

Observe the advertisement given below and answer the questions that follow:
(a) Who do you think is the target audience for the social advertisements above?
(b) What is the message that each social advertisement is trying to get across?
(c) Having read about diarrhoea epidemic in the chapter on State Government,

Q 23.

Making an advertisement requires a lot of creativity. Let us imagine a situation in which a manufacturer has just made a new watch. She says that she wants to sell this watch to school children. She comes to your class and asks you all to create a brand name as well as an advertisement for the watch. Divide the class into small groups and each group creates an advertisement for this watch. Share it with the class.

Q 24.

What brand values are used by the two daals namely Top Taste Daal' and Best Taste Daal'?

Q 25.

What role do advertisements play in our lives?  [V. Imp.]

Q 26.

 Look at the two advertisements given below and tell in the table that follow.