On Equality


How did B.R. Ambedkar view self-respect?


B.R. Ambedkar viewed self-respect as the most vital factor in life, without which man was cipher.


On Equality

Q 1.

What do you mean by ‘dignity'? [V. Imp.]

Q 2.

Write a note on equality in Indian democracy.  [V. Imp.]

Q 3.

In what ways was Omprakash Valmikis experience similar to that of the Ansaris?

Q 4.

Who have been employed to cook the meal under midday meal scheme?

Q 5.

What is Joothan about?

Q 6.

What is known as the Civil Rights Movements?  [V. Imp.]

Q 7.

Mention two different kinds of inequalities that exist in our country. Give examples.  [V. Imp.]

Q 8.

What do you understand by the term"all persons are equal before the law"? Why do you think it is important in a democracy?

Q 9.

Write a brief note on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Q 10.

What was the condition of the African-Americans in the United States of America prior to 1950s?  [V. Imp.]

Q 11.

What suggestion was given to Ansaris by the property dealer?

Q 12.

Write a note on equality in Indian democracy.  [V. Imp.]

Q 13.

Re-read the box on Article 15 and state two ways in which this Article addresses inequality?

Q 14.

In a democracy why is Universal Adult Franchise important?

Q 15.

How can you say that establishment of equality in society is a continuous struggle?

Q 16.

What are the provision made in the constitution for the recognition of equality?  [V. Imp.]

Q 17.

What are the two ways in which the government has tried to implement the equality that guaranteed in the constitution?

Q 18.

On what basis were the Ansaris treated unequally?

Q 19.

The Government of India passed the Disabilities Act in 1995. This law states that persons with disabilities have equal rights, and that the government should make possible their full participation in society. The government has to provide free education and integrate children with disabilities into mainstream schools. This law also states that all public places including buildings, school etc., should be accessible and provided with ramps.  
Look at the photograph and think about the boy who is being carried down the stairs. Do you think the above law is being implemented in his case? What needs to be done to make the building and accessible for him?
How would his being carried down the stairs affect his dignity as well as his safety?

Q 20.

What is it that makes Kanta unsure?

Q 21.

How did B.R. Ambedkar view self-respect?