Markets Around Us


Who is a retailer?


A retailer is a small trader who buy goods from the wholesale trader and sells this to the consumer.


Markets Around Us

Q 1.

Who is a retailer?

Q 2.

Who is a retailer?

Q 3.

How are shops in the neighbourhood useful?

Q 4.

Where are goods produced?

Q 5.

Give some examples of roadside stalls.

Q 6.

How are buyers different people?

Q 7.

Why do we not buy directly from the producer?    [V. Imp.]

Q 8.

Who is Aftab?

Q 9.

In what ways is a hawker different from a shop owner?

Q 10.

Who is Scuneer? What does he do?

Q 11.

Write in brief about shopping complexes and malls.

Q 12.

All persons have equal rights to visit any shop in a marketplace.' Do you think this is true of shops with expensive products? Explain with examples.

Q 13.

Why is a weekly market called so?

Q 14.

What is done in the wholesale markets?

Q 15.

What is the job of a wholesale trader?  [V. Imp.]

Q 16.

Do you see equality in the market? If not, why not? Explain with examples.[V. Imp.]
Write in brief on market and equality'.

Q 17.

Write a brief note on Aftab the wholesaler in the city'.

Q 18.

Buying and selling can take place without going to a marketplace'. Explain this statement with the help of examples.

Q 19.

Why is there a competition among the shops in the weekly market? [V. Imp.]

Q 20.

Compare and contrast a weekly market and a shopping complex on the following:

Q 21.

How are shop owners in a weekly market and those in a shopping complex very different people?  [V. Imp.]

Q 22.

Explain how a chain of markets is formed. What purpose does it serve?