Buildings, Paintings and Books


Marne the deities worshipped in the earliest Hindu temples.


Vishnu, Shiva and Durga.


Buildings, Paintings and Books

Q 1.

How were paintings done in the dark caves?

Q 2.

When was the Iron Pillar made?

Q 3.

Marne the deities worshipped in the earliest Hindu temples.

Q 4.

Why did devotees walk around the stupa in a clockwise direction?

Q 5.

Why was the garbhagriha so important? [V. Imp.]

Q 6.

What was the garbhagriha?

Q 7.

Mention the most striking feature of the Iron Pillar.

Q 8.

Read the story on page 130. In what ways in the monkey king similar to or different from the kings you read about in Chapters 6 and 11?

Q 9.

What are the main features of Ajantapaintings?

Q 10.

Which gods and goddesses were mentioned in the stories of the Puranas?

Q 11.

Why did only Kings or queens decide to build stupas and temples?

Q 12.

Find out more and teU. a story from one of the epics.

Q 13.

What do you mean by the word Stupa'? [V. Imp.]

Q 14.

How were the gifts brought by the devotees used?

Q 15.

What are Puranas? Mention some of their features.

Q 16.

Why was Amaravati famous?

Q 17.

What was the shikhara?

Q 18.

What do you know about the monolithic temples at Mahabalipuram?

Q 19.

How were the Puranas different from the Vedas?

Q 20.

State whether these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

(i) Most temples of this period had a hall like structure known as the mandapa.
(ii)  Mahabalipuram and Aihole are known for the finest stone temples.
(iii)  Merchant and farmers usually decided to build stupas and temples during this period.
(iv) The Tamil epic the Silappadikaram was composed by a poet named Ilango.
(v) Meghaduta is a famous poem compsed by Tulsidas.
(vi) Women and Shudras could hear the stories of the Puranas.
(vii) It was Ravana who abducted Rama's wife Sita.
(viii) The Jatakas and the Panchatantra are collections of stories told by birds and animals.
(ix) Aryabhatta was a famous story-letter.
(x)The Bhagavad Gita is a part of the Ramayana.

Q 21.

Name the book written by Aryabhatta In which language is it written?

Q 22.

Describe the contribution of Aryabhatta to Science. [V. Imp.]

Q 23.

What are epics? Give examples. ‘ [V. Imp.]

Q 24.

Describe the two Sanskrit epics the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Or Why are the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana so popular even today?

Q 25.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to complete each sentence.

(i) The ……….  at Aihole was built about 1400 years ago
(ii)The small box placed at the centre of the stupa contains bodily remains of the  and his followers.
(iii)The……. were recited in temples by priests and people came to listen to them.
(iv) Both the……….. and the…………. are supposed to have been composed by Vyasa.
(v)developed a scientific explanation for eclipses.

Q 26.

What are stupas? Mention some of their striking features.

Q 27.

How were stupas and temples built?

Q 28.

Where are the stories told by ordinary people preserved? [V. Imp.]

Q 29.

Write in brief about Kalidasa's Meghaduta. [Imp.]

Q 30.

Describe the earliest Hindu temples.

Q 31.

Write a few lines on the Iron Pillar located at Mehrauli, Delhi