Indian Economic Development

Indian Economy 1950-1990


Why was it necessary for a developing country like India to follow self-reliance as a planning


On the eve of independence, India was poor, stagnant and backward. There were heavy imports of foodgrains. It was important to be self-reliance.
Features of Self reliance are:
(a) Self-sufficiency in foodgrains.
(b) Fall in foreign aid and reduced dependence on imports which is possible when there is growth in domestic production.
(c) Rise in exports.
(d) Rise in contribution of industries in grass domestic product.


Indian Economy 1950-1990

Q 1.

What is Green Revolution? Why was it implemented and how did it benefit the farmers? Explain in brief.

Q 2.

What is marketable surplus?

Q 3.

Define a plan.

Q 4.

Match the following:

Q 5.

Why was it necessary for a developing country like India to follow self-reliance as a planning

Q 6.

Explain the need and type of land reforms implemented in the agriculture sector.

Q 7.

Though public sector is very essential for industries, many public sector undertakings incur huge losses and are a drain on the economy’s resources. Discuss the usefulness of public sector undertakings in the light of this fact.

Q 8.

Why was public sector given a leading role in industrial development during the planning period?

Q 9.

Why should plans have goals?

Q 10.

While subsidies encourage farmers to use new technology, they are a huge burden on govern ¬ment finances. Discuss the usefulness of subsidies in the light of this face.

Q 11.

Explain ‘growth with equity’ as a planning objective.

Q 12.

What is sectoral composition of an economy? Is it necessary that the service sector should contribute maximum to GDP of an economy? Comment.

Q 13.

Why did India opt for planning?

Q 14.

Does modernisation as a planning objective create contradiction in the light of employment generation? Explain.

Q 15.

Explain how import substitution can protect domestic industry.

Q 16.

Why, despite the implementation of green revolution, 65 per cent of our population continued to be engaged in the agriculture sector till 1990?

Q 17.

Why and how was private sector regulated under the IPR 1956?

Q 18.

What are miracle seeds?

Q 19.

Explain the statement that green revolution enabled the government to procure sufficient foodgrains to build its stocks that could be used during times of shortage.