Resources and Development


What was the views of Gandhiji on resource conservation?


Gandhiji voiced his concern about resource conservation in the following words: “There is enough for everybody's need and not for any body's greed.” He placed the greedy and selfish individuals and exploitative nature of modern technology as the root cause for resource depletion at the global level. He was against mass production and wanted to replace it with the production by the masses.


Resources and Development

Q 1.

Give a short note on reserves.

Q 2.

What are the factors that determine the use of land?

Q 3.

Name three states having black soil and the crop which is mainly grown in it.

Q 4.

What are the biotic and abiotic resources? Give some examples.

Q 5.

Give the difference between renewable resources and non-renewable resources with examples.

Q 6.

Give the importance of human beings as an essential component of resource?

Q 7.

Give the two factors that determine soil fertility.

Q 8.

Write a paragraph on resource planning.

Q 9.

Major problem faced due to the indiscriminate use of resources by Man- Discuss.

Q 10.

How can the problem of deforestation be solved?

Q 11.

Soil is the most important renewable natural resource. Explain.

Q 12.

Give two characteristics of alluvial soil.

Q 13.

Define Resource.

Q 14.

What are the problems faced due to mismanagement of resources?

Q 15.

What is resource planning?

Q 16.

What is conservation of resources?

Q 17.

What steps can be taken to control soil erosion in the hilly areas?

Q 18.

Is black soil easy to work, in hot climate? Explain.

Q 19.

What was the root cause for resources depletion at the global level, according to Gandhiji ?

Q 20.

What are the two disturbing features of land – use pattern?

Q 21.

Mention any two methods for reducing fallow land.

Q 22.

Explain land use pattern in India and why has the land under forest not increased much since 1960-61?

Q 23.

Give a brief note on the productivity of alluvial soil.

Q 24.

What type of soil is found in the river deltas of the eastern coast? Give three main features of this type of soil.

Q 25.

Name the five types of land resource.

Q 26.

Write a short note on classiification of resources.

Q 27.

Give a brief note on arid soil.

Q 28.

What was the views of Gandhiji on resource conservation?

Q 29.

What has significantly contributed to land degradation?

Q 30.

What is the classification of alluvial soil on the basis of their age ? Mention their characteristics.