Drainage patterns formed by the streams

The streams within a drainage basin form certain patterns, depending on the slope of the land, rock structure and the climatic conditions of the area.

Drainage patterns are divided into four categories:

① Dendrite pattern
② Trellis pattern
③ Radial pattern
④ Rectangular pattern

① Dendrite pattern:
It consists of a single main stream with tributaries resembling the branches of a tree. It develops when the river channel follows the slope of the terrain. e.g. Ganga

② Trellis Pattern:
When tributaries join the main stream at right angles, a pattern is called trellis. A trellis drainage pattern develops where hard and soft rocks exist parallel to each other. For example the Narmada.

③ Radial Pattern:
In this pattern, the streams flow in different directions from a central peak or dome like structure forming a radial pattern.

④ Rectangular Pattern:
It develops on a strongly joint rocky terrain. In this, the main stream and its tributaries join at right angles.

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