Why Do We Fall Ill?

Important Terms to Remember - Why Do We Fall Ill

Decrease in number of RBCs and heamoglobin concentration.

A condition in which the normal functioning of the body or any part of it is damaged or disturbed.

Acute Disease
A rapidly appearing disease, which lasts only in a few days.

Chronic Disease
A long lasting or a persisting disease.

Organic substances extracted from micro-organisms which inhibit the growth and kill disease causing pathogens.

Local tissue response characterised by redness, swelling, pain and fever.

Immune System
The system of our body, which protect it from various infectious agents.

The process by which the body produces antibodies against an infecting microbe through injecting a specific vaccine.

The mechanism used by the body for protection from the agents that are foreign to the body.

Infectious disease
A disease which is transmitted to the other healthy person through direct or indirect contact.

Communicable Diseases
Diseases which can spread from an infected person to a healthy person.

The process of introduction of a preparation of infectious weak or dead microbes (vaccine) into the human body to develop immunity.

An animal ( such as insect, rodent or some other mammal) which transmit microbes from a diseased person to a healthy person.

Acquired Diseases
Diseases developed during own life period.

Acquired Immuno deficiency Syndrome. A type of STD.

Cogenital Diseases
Inborn diseases which occur from birth.

Deficiency diseases
Diseases caused due to deficiency of a nutrient or vitamin or hormone.

Mode of transmission of diseases.

Incubation Period
Period between successful infection of germs and first appearance of symptoms of disease.

Pandemic Disease
Disease that occurs worldwide e.g. AIDS

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