Class 6 - History

New Empires and Kingdoms

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New Empires and Kingdoms - Questions
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Amazing Cars
  • Chicago
  • Tips to get ready for Graduation
  • P T Usha
  • Most Beautiful Valleys In The World

  • Amazing Treehouses From Around The World

    Free Spirit Spheres

    These spheres were created with the concept of oneness in mind, so the floor, walls and ceiling create one continuous space unlike a conventional building. They utilize biomimicry and are designed to fit into a forest setting without altering it. Free Spirit Spheres use trees as their foundation, which the designers say reflects our connectedness to nature, and because theyre suspended in the air, the human footprint is drastically reduced. The shell of this unique treehouse can withstand impacts, and the web of ropes that suspend it are made of a stretchy material that allow both the sphere and the trees to move freely.

    Chourishi Systems