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    Any movement or sound made away from the rod where the ball is in play may be judged as a distraction. No point made as a result of a distraction will count. If a player believes he is being distracted, it is his responsibility to call for an official. Banging the five man rod or any rod prior to, during, or after a shot is considered a distraction. Moving the five man slightly after the shot has started is not considered a distraction, however. Talking between teammates while the ball is in play may be judged a distraction. It is not considered a distraction, when passing, to move the catching rod as part of a fake. Excessive motion, however, is grounds for a distraction. It is considered a distraction, after setting up a shot, to remove a hand from the handle and then shoot the ball. The ball may only be shot after both hands are on the handles for a full second. Rules Clarification August 1996 The problem with this rule is the wording which will be corrected on the next revision of the rules. The intent of the rule is to avoid having a player remove their hands from the handles IN A DISTRACTING MANNER and then shooting as soon as they place their hand back on the handle. The word grasped was used in the last sentence of this rule. In the case of the Roll Over shot, the rod will be considered to be grasped when on the wrist of the shooter. In an attempt to stay consistent with the way we have been ruling in the cases where a roll over shooter shoots as soon as he slides his wrist on the handle, this will be legal as long as it is not done in a distracting manner. The way this is ruled will be looked at by the officiating committee and possibly changed after the World Championships. The one second on the handle does not apply in singles except in the case of a set shot on the forward three row. The European style roll over straight: This is shot by making the play figure spin around while rolling the handle from your palm to you fingertips. It is most common with the European style front pin and a straight option on a pull shot. This is a legal shot. Penalty for distraction if a shot is scored as a result of a distraction by the offensive team, the point will not count and the opposing team will re serve the ball. In all other cases, the opposing team has the option of continuing play from the current position, continuing play from the point of infraction, or re serving the ball. Subsequent violations may be grounds for a technical foul. Rules Clarification August 1996 This does not mean that the second infraction should be a technical foul. After the first infraction, the offending team will, at minimum, have to give up the drop to the other team. A technical SHOULD be called when an official feels that the team is flagrantly distracting their opponent. A technical should also be called in the case of repeated distractions when the team being distracted has the ball on the three row (in which case a drop would be of no benefit to the team being distracted.) In the case where play was in no way affected (loss of possession or being distracted while shooting or passing) the first infraction will be a warning.

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