Class 6 - Civics

Diversity and Discrimination

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Questions and Answers

Diversity and Discrimination - Questions
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  • Cholera
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  • The Most Beautiful Views in the World
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  • Most Stylish Bikes

    BMW R1200RT

    Just about everything is new with BMWs big boxer powered tourer for 2014. Most important, the main frame is stronger, and the rider triangle formed by the handlebars, seat and footpegs has been lowered nearly an inch (20mm) to make it is easier for shorter riders to reach the ground. Moreover, new bodywork with the power adjustable windscreen is said to offer riders much better weather protection. Perhaps more significant, the air and liquid cooled 1170cc boxer has been fitted with a heavier crankshaft and alternator that smoothens the powertrain and makes the bike harder to stall. Neat tech Hill Start Control is available, which will keep your R1200RT from rolling backward while youre starting on an uphill slope. San Francisco riders,

    Chourishi Systems