Popular Struggles and Movements


What are Sectional Interest Groups and Public Interest Groups?


Interests of a particular section or group of society are promoted by the sectional interest groups . They are trade unions, business associations and professional bodies like lawyers, doctors and teachers. Since they represent a section of society, they are sectional. The betterment and well being of their members is their principle concern and they do not aim at the betterment of the society in general.
Promotional groups or public interest groups aim to help groups other than their own members. Members of a public interest group undertake activities that benefit them as well as others. Since its principle concern is with social justice and social equality for the entire society, it addresses the problems of its members who suffer discrimination.


Popular Struggles and Movements

Q 1.

What is the difference between a pressure group and a political party?

Q 2.

What are Sectional Interest Groups and Public Interest Groups?

Q 3.

What is a pressure group? Give a few examples.

Q 4.

Organizations that undertake activities to promote the interests of specific social sections such as workers, employees, teachers, and lawyers are called__________groups.

Q 5.

Define pressure groups.

Q 6.

In what ways do pressure groups and movements exert influence on politics?

Q 7.

Describe the forms of relationship between pressure groups and political parties?

Q 8.

Explain how the activities of pressure groups are useful in the functioning of a democratic government.

Q 9.

Write a brief note on the Narmada Bachao Movement.

Q 10.

Write a brief note on Movement Groups and give an example.

Q 11.

What led to the Movement for Democracy in Nepal in the year 200

Q 12.

What were he three demands that were made by the SPA in Nepal?