science - some natural phenomena

Class 8 - Science

Some Natural Phenomena


Charging by rubbing

When a plastic refill Is rubbed with polythene. It acquires a small electric charge. Similarly, when a plastic combIs rubbed with dry hair. It acquires a small charge. These objects are called charged objects. In the process of charging the refill and the plastic comb, polythene and hair also get charged. Let's try to charge some other objects that are familiar to you.

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Some Natural Phenomena - Notes
1. Protection against Earthquakes
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2. What Causes an Earthquake?
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3. What is an Earthquake?
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4. Earthquakes
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5. Lightning Safety
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6. The Story of Lightning
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7. Transfer of Charge
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8. Charging by rubbing
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9. Lightning
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10. The Sparks that the Greeks Knew About
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11. Types of Charges and their Interaction
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