science - friction

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Increasing and Reducing Friction

As you have seen In the previous section, friction is desirable in some situations. Have you ever thought why the sole of your shoes is grooved.It is done to provide the shoes better grip on the floor, so that you can move safely. Similarly, the treaded tyres of cars, trucks and bulldozers provide better grip with the ground.We deliberately increase friction by using brake pads in the brake system of bicycles and automobiles. When you are riding a bicycle, the brake pads do not touch the wheels. But when you press the brake lever, these pads arrest the motion of the rim due to friction. The wheel stops moving. You might have seen that kabaddi players rub their hands with soil for a better grip of their opponents. Gymnasts apply some coarse substance on their hands to increase friction for better grip.

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Friction - Notes
1. Force of Friction
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2. Friction : A Necessary Evil
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3. Increasing and Reducing Friction
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4. Fluid Friction
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5. Factors affecting Friction
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6. Wheels Reduce Friction
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