science - force and pressure

Class 8 - Science

Force and Pressure


Atmospheric Pressure

You know that there Is air all around us. This envelop of air Is known as the atmosphere. The atmospheric air extends up to many kilometres above the surface of the earth. The pressure exerted by this air Is known as atmospheric pressure. We know that pressure Is force per unit area. If we Imagine a unit area and a very long cylinder standing on It filled with air. then the weight of the air In this cylinder Is the atmospheric pressure.

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Force and Pressure - Notes
1. Contact Forces (Muscular Force)
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2. Gravitational Force
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3. Force - A Push or a Pull
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4. Electrostatic Force
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5. Atmospheric Pressure
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6. Pressure
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7. Forces are due to an Interaction
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8. A Force can Change the State of Motion
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