science - conservation of plants and animals

Class 8 - Science

Conservation of Plants and Animals


Endemic Species

Soon the group quietly enters the deep forest. Children are surprised to see a very big squirrel. This squirrel has a big fluffy tail. They are very curious to know about it. Madhavji tells them that this is known as the giant squirrel and is endemic to this area. Endemic species are those species of plants and animals which are found exclusively in a particular area. They are not naturally found anywhere else. A particular type of animal or plant may be endemic to a zone, a state or a country. Madhavji shows sal and wild mango as two examples of the endemic flora of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Bison. Indian giant squirrel and flying squirrel are endemic fauna of this area. Prof. Ahmad explains that the destruction of their habitat, increasing population and introduction of new species may affect the natural habitat of endemic species and endanger their existence.

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Conservation of Plants and Animals - Notes
1. Recycling of Paper
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2. Reforestation
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3. Flora and Fauna
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4. Endemic Species
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5. National Park
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6. Wildlife Sanctuary
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7. Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
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8. Migration
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9. Consequeneces of Deforestation
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10. Red Data Book
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