science - combustion and flame

Class 8 - Science

Combustion and Flame


Fuel Efficiency

Suppose you were asked to boil a given quantity of water using cow dung, coal and LPG as fuel. Which fuel would you prefer? Give your reason. You may take the help of your parents. Do these three fuels produce the same amount of heat? The amount of heat energy produced on complete combustion of 1 kg of a fuel is called its calorific value. The calorific value of a fuel is xpressed in a unit called kilojoule per kg (kJ/kg).

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Combustion and Flame - Notes
1. Burning of Fuels Leads to Harmful Products.
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2. How do We Control Fire?
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3. Flame
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4. Fuel Efficiency
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5. Types of Combustion
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6. What is a Fuel?
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7. What is Combustion?
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