Class 6 - History

What, Where, How and When?

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History - What, Where, How and When?
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  • Benefits of Basil
  • The Most Stylish Men Ever
  • Rules to play Paint Ball
  • Most Popular Apps Employees Use At Work
  • Mango Varieties
  • Deep Sea Mysteries And Oddities That Will Leave You Baffled

  • Valentines Day Games

    Dedicate a romantic song to your sweetheart

    As its the season of love, asking your guests to sing a romantic song for their sweetheart would be a brilliant idea. This will make your guests feel more involved and it will keep everyone entertained. You can pick 3 to 4 individuals as judges, and ask them to rate the competitors. The judges can rate the contestants on their enthusiasm, the song that they choose, and how well it is presented. The couple who gets the highest rating wins the competition.

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