Class 6 - History

Buildings, Paintings and Books

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History - Buildings, Paintings and Books
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  • Rules to play Equestrianism
  • Rules to play Paddleball
  • Benefits of Strawberries
  • The Pool Gems Tips Tricks and Secrets
  • Benefits of Iceberg lettuce
  • Tales of Hitopadesha

  • Precaution while using LPG

    Switch off the cylinder valve

    After using an LPG appliance, it is advisable to close its cylinder valve. Those that have clipons should be turned off at their regulators. Switching off the cylinder valve is advisable especially in instances where the family is going away for a long time. Failure to do so could result in a leakage eventually culminating in disastrous results. In a world where efficient energy solutions are a major concern, LPG is established as an effective energy form. Their contribution to home heating and controlled cooking makes them popular among many households. These households should however prioritize their safety by using these LPG appliances in the right way.

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