Class 6 - Geography


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Geography - Maps
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Multiple Choice Questions

  • Prosperous Countries In The World
  • What to Eat in Meghalaya
  • Moscow
  • Most Stylish Bikes
  • Beautiful Christmas Markets
  • RasoiTime - Food Recipes

  • Tips to succeed in IELTS Exam

    Think about time management

    You only get 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. It is essential to manage your time efficiently so you do not end up leaving out some of the questions. A single extra correct answer can potentially help you get the desired result.The clock can be managed in two ways. One is to practice lots in advance. Set a clock in front of you when you are solving sample papers. The second is to live in the present moment on the test day. Again, be clever about how you approach it. If for some reason you are unable to find the answer to a question, dont waste time. Move on to the next question immediately.
    Alis methodology is quite effective here If you have answered questions one and three but cant find the answer for question two, know that you have already narrowed down the text. You dont have to read the entire text again to find that answer. You know it is somewhere between those two answers.

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