Class 6 - Geography

India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

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Geography - India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife
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  • Flowers

    Cyclamen Coum Round leavd Cyclamen

    Grows wild in many parts of Italy and Germany, and is sometimes found with white flowers, if the season be mild, or the plants sheltered from the inclemency of the weather, this species will flower as early as February, or much earlier by artificial heat.
    As it grows naturally in woods and shady places, it will thrive best in a mixture of bog earth and loam placed in a north border, if planted in the open border, it will require to be covered with a hand glass during winter, and in the spring, when in bloom, the more usual method with gardeners is to preserve them in pots in a common hot bed frame, the advantage of this method is that they may, at any time, be removed to decorate the parlour or the study.
    The plants of this genus admit of but little increase by their roots, the best method of propagating them is by seed, which should be sown soon after they are ripe in boxes or pots, and covered about half an inch deep, placing them where they may have only the morning sun, till the beginning of September, when they may be removed to a warmer exposure.

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