Cricket World Cup Winners Quiz
Match the correct combination.

1. Who has won the World Cup in 1979 ?

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    Stop pain provoking activities

    This is the simplest tip Ill give, but for whatever reason people still fail to listen to their body and grasp the concept If it hurts, stop doing it. This can include squatting, lunging, running, playing basketball, or any other pain-provoking activities. Your second grade PE teacher could give you the same advice. Remember that sometimes taking an extra day or two off isnt a bad thing if you can train harder (or pain-free) the next time around. As well, there are also those times when you need to take a step back and work toward a total-body overhaul. If your body has been functioning in an ineffective fashion for a long time, it can take some time to get things sorted out. Take the time sooner rather than later to do this.Each and every time you step in the gym you need to work on being better, and if youre injured, that just cant happen.

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