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What is universal adult franchise?
Universal adult franchise is every adult citizen having a right to vote irrespective of sex, caste, creed, education and financial status.

More Questions :
  • What do you mean by the legislature, the executive and the judiciary?
  • Name the major religions practiced all over the world.
  • In politics, what is a constitution?
  • Look lip the annual calendar of holidays of your school. How many of them pertain to different religions? What does this indicate?
  • What is religion?
  • What is the difference in who exercises Executive Power in the 1990 and Interim Constitutions of Nepal? Keeping this in mind, why do you think Nepal needs a new Constitution today?
  • Secularism is separating religion from the power of the state. Discuss why it is vital to separate the power of the state from religious practices.
  • Mention the key features of the Indian Constitution.
  • What is universal adult franchise?
  • In each of the following situations, identify the minority. Write one reason why you think it is important to respect the views of the minority in each of these situations.
    (a)In a school with 30 teachers, 20 of them are male.
    (b)In a city, 5 per cent of the population are Buddhists.
    (c)In a factory mess for all employees, 80 per cent are vegetarians.
    (d)In a class of 50 students, 40 belong to more well-off families.
  • State the 4th point of the Fundamental Rights of the Indian constitution.
  • State Article: 17 in the Right to Equality, in the Indian constitution.
  • In Nepal, when did the Interim Constitution come into effect?
  • What is secularism?
  • What is secularism?
  • Mention a few points in the US constitution related to secularism.
  • How does the Indian Constitution safe guard the minorities of the country?
  • What are the negative points of a democratic society?
  • Listed below are the key features of the Indian Constitution. Write two sentences, in your own words, on why you think this feature is important:
    Key Feature
    2.Separation of Powers
    3.Fundamental Rights
    4.Parliamentary Form of Government
  • What do you understand from the statement "freedom to interpret religious teachings differently in context with the practice of untouchability?

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