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What are wavelength,frequency,time period and amplitude of a sound wave ?
Refer to Art.6.9,Page 329.

More Questions :
  • Can sound waves travel through vacuum ?
  • What are the characteristics of a sound ? Discuss each one of them briefly.
  • Discuss the structure of human ear from auditory aspect only.
  • Sounds we hear inform us of the state of world around us,especially of that part of it which our other senses,such as touch and sight,cannot reach.Illustrate this with appropriate examples.
  • What is sound ? Discuss the method of its production.
  • How is sound propagated through a material medium ? What is wave motion ?
  • Discuss the role of medium in the propagation of sound.
  • Describe an experiment to show that sound waves can be reflected.What are the laws of reflection of sound waves.
  • We see flash earlier than the thunder.Discuss.
  • Try to imagine what you would feel, what sort of person you would be,had you been born totally deaf.
  • What is acoustical transite ?
  • What is a tone ?
  • What is the minimum distance of the obstacle from the source of sound for hearing distinct echo ?
  • Why do we use upholstered seats in theatres and halls ?
  • What is sound and how is it produced ?
  • What is audible range ?
  • Can you produce sound without utilizing energy ?
  • Obtain a relation between speed,frequency and wavelength of a wave.
  • Today our life is richer and fuller of music than it was yesterday,and much of this is due to progress in engineering.What will happen to human feelings when the sea of knowledge spreads further ?
  • The sonic boom of an aircraft has a time period of 0 00005 s.Calculate the frequency of the sound produced.
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