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Suppose you and your friend are on the Moon.Will you be able to hear any sound produced by your friend ?
Sound waves need a material medium for their propagation.Since there is no atmosphere on the Moon,one person cannot hear the sound produced by another person.

More Questions :
  • Discuss the role of medium in the propagation of sound.
  • What are infrasonics ?
  • What do you mean by reverberation and reverberation time ? How is reverberation controlled ?
  • Describe with the help of a diagram,how compressions and rarefactions are produced in air near a source of sound.
  • What are the characteristics of a sound ? Discuss each one of them briefly.
  • What is sound and how is it produced ?
  • What is a note ?
  • Discuss the structure of human ear from auditory aspect only.
  • A hospital uses an ultrasonic scanner to locate tumours in a tissue.What is the wavelength of sound in a tissue in which the speed of sound is 1.7 km/s ? The operating frequency of the scanner is 4.2 MHz.
  • Explain the working and application of a sonar.
  • What is sound ? Discuss the method of its production.
  • What is ultrasound ? Describe some of its practical applications ?
  • Can sound waves travel through vacuum ?
  • What is audible range ?
  • What are ultrasonics ?
  • What is persistence of hearing ?
  • How is sound propagated through a material medium ? What is wave motion ?
  • Distinguish between music and noise.
  • Describe an experiment to show that sound waves can be reflected.What are the laws of reflection of sound waves.
  • What is an echo ? How is it formed ?
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