Find Cube Root of 13824
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Find Cube Root of 13824
  • Step 1:

      Identify the last three digits and make groups of three digits from right side. That is 13824 can be written as 13 , 824
  • Step 1:

      Take the last group which is 824. The last digit of 824 is 4.
      Remember point 3, If the last digit of the perfect cube = 4, the last digit of the cube root = 4
      Hence the right most digit of the cube root = 4
  • Step 1:

      Take the next group which is 13.
      From point 3, we see that 13 lies between 8 and 27 which are cubes of 2 and 3 respectively.
      So we will take the cube root of the smaller number i.e. 8 which is 2. So 2 is the tens digit of the answer.

  • We are done and the answer is '24'

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