Confusing usage words part five
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Confusing usage words part five
26.farther: (adjective and adverb) used to designate a physical distance
This woman shot the arrow much farther than I did.
further: (adjective and adverb) additional
Letís wait for further instructions before we do anything else.
healthful: (adjective) that which brings about good health; wholesome
Doctor Geiger told his patient to eat a more healthful diet.
27.healthy: (adjective) having good health; well; sound
If you want to remain healthy into old age, exercise and eat good
in: (preposition, adjective, adverb) within
Sis was in the dentistís chair for thirty minutes.
28into: (preposition) from the outside to the inside of
Sis walked into the dentistís office at 2:20 this afternoon.
leave: (verb) to exit; to let be or stay
Most of the children and their parents had to leave once the weather
29let: (verb) to allow; to permit
Will you let me take care of your dog while you go on vacation?
liable: (adjective) legally responsible
Because the chipped stoop caused the delivery person to fall, the
homeowner was liable for damages.
likely: (adjective and adverb) probable; reasonable to be expected
After we saw that ominous sky, we felt that a storm was likely.

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